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Geography 5 Themes

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Study of where people, places, and things are located and of the ways in which things relate to each other.


Geographys Five Themes

1. Location

Absolute Location the position on the globe (longitude and latitude)

Relative Location where it is located to something else (Fresno is south of Sacramento)


2. Place

Physical Characteristics landforms, vegetation, and climate

Human Characteristics human activity (city growth, farming techniques, architectural style, and politics)


3. Human-Environment Interaction how many people use their environment?

(How the environment is changed, the consequences of change) eg. Pools, air conditioning, irrigation


4. Movement movement of ideas, people, and goods (highways, canals, rivers, internet, television, newspaper)


5. Regions a group of places with at least one common characteristic

Formal regions states, countries, cities

Functional regions consists of one place around it that are affected by it (Los Angeles, Amazon River Basin)





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