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Steven's Webpage


Welcome to my website! My name is Steven and I attended Clovis East High School. I'm finishing up 9th grade, wow that year went fast. My favorite and only hobby really is flying R/C airplanes. During this time I am working on a Topcap desgined by Morris Hobbies, I hope to have it done within a month. Other things about me.... I am going to attend the Airforce academy after I graduate high school. I want to become a pilot and maybe someday a commercial airline pilot. That about wraps up me.
I designed/made this site for 2 reasons really, one reason being is for my English online portfolio, and the other reason is for my own personal sake. I think making a website is fun and challenging and enjoy making one.

On my website here you will find information about me, my hobbies, and my English protfolio.
My goal creating this site is to have a neat, clean looking site filled with information for English and my hobbies.

Me and my Sig Somethin Extra

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.