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R/C Airplanes

The best hobby in the world!

Hi for you who don't know me my name is Steven and I go to Clovis East High School. This page will include all my planes, pics, info and more. I will have a review on the topcap, should be a nice big review. This page won't be done for a few more weeks. I hope you enjoy my site!

I made this page for my airplanes. I have benn flying planes for 2 years now and have 2 planes. Trainer and a sig somethin extra with os 70 surpass. Just a few days ago I ordered a Topcap kit for 75$! I plan on using a saito 72 with Hitec standard servos all the way around. I will do a full review with many pictures!

Saito 72

My completed Sig Somethin Extra


I like everyone have hobbies. One in particular I like the most is Radio Controlled flying. I've been flying for 2 years now and own 2 planes. Thunder tiger trainer 40 and Sig Somethin Extra. In time I plan on competeing and going to contests. I moderate over at, there I moderate the funfly forum, software forum, and engine forum. More info to come

Topcap is here!
Topcap arrived the other day! Comes in a small box but its whats inside that counts right? Well I open the box to find everything neatly arranged for it and no missing or damaged parts. One problem though as I'm looking through I notice I have no manual. Okay, so I give Morris Hobbies a call and the problem is solved quickly. There sending me a manual for free.
I bought the Saito 72 for the plane a few days ago and had the chance to break it in through 6 tanks of fuel. Runs great, only problem again was I had no compression at first so I took the valve covers off and readjusted the valved. With that all taken care of all I can say is WOW! Great running engine.

Topcap Review