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English 9 honors this year was fun and challenging. I learned a lot about authors, writing, and computers. My English page includes author studies, novel of your choice and a few of my own personal pieces.

English Reading

John Steinbeck: Click here to download my PowerPoint on John Steinbeck

Author Links (Paul Fleischman)  (about Paul Fleischman) (biography on Paul) (all about him) (PowerPoint and other stuff) (Teacher Resource Files)

English Novels

"Of Mice and Men"- Novel Critique: Click here to view or download my critique of this book. This is what I personally thought of this book. Click to learn more.

Whirligig Project: Click here to view or download my project on the novel "Whirligig."

Whirligig Links (place to BUY the whirligig) (short summary) (short summary)

English Writing

Banned Books Essay: Clicking on the link will allow you to view or download my essay on banned books. Download to learn more.

American Hero: Click on the link to view or download this writing piece

Recommended English and Writing Sites (writing online) (online writing assistant) (tips and tricks to improve writing) (a guide to writing)